Thursday, 10 September 2015

3 Weeks To Go...

I'm back!
MAJOR apologies for the lack of updates on here guys-I have been so, SO busy with the last bits of wedding preparation and meeting suppliers and the venue etc to get all those last finishing touches just right. I have enjoyed the process so much and will miss it once it's all over, BUT there is only 3 weeks to go now until myself and Steve finally get to say those magical precious words, 'I do'. 

At this stage as excited and overwhelmed with joy as I am, nerves are secretly starting to creep in...My loved ones already married have told me that's perfectly normal and not to fight it, it's all part of the experience and feelings you have as a bride but I still find it a little daunting to be nervous. I am not nervous at all about getting married (we have been together 11 years now) but I am more nervous about the running of the day and if people will enjoy themselves and like what I have worked SO hard on the past 14 months planing and designing. I am sure they will and lots of people coming have already expressed their excitement to me about seeing it all and being there to celebrate with us, but still...I am nervous! 

Next week I plan to dedicate a WHOLE week on my blog to all things weddings! Expect a new post every day about the wedding and planning etc. I hope it gives you more of an insight into it all as so many of you are very kind and lovely enough to ask me daily how it's all going and to share ideas etc. 

Until then, have a fabulous rest of your week! xxx

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  1. That is so exciting! Congrats and enjoy this fun time, it goes by way too fast! Can't wait to see your posts, and good luck with everything! XO -Kim


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