Friday, 14 August 2015

My Hen-Do Dresses Featuring COAST

Today marks the beginning of my surprise Hen-Do Weekend! In aprox three hours, I am being picked up by some of the girlies (the rest are meeting us at the secret location)!
All I am aware of at this point is it is in Brighton and we are away for two nights. I adore Brighton and haven't been in a couple of years, so I am super excited to visit once again and this time, with some of my wonderful friends for my own hen-do. I can't quite believe it's me getting married and I am 'the bride' on this weekend away :) It's incredibly exciting and I am very confident that my lovely sister and two other bridesmaids, have done an amazing job in planning a lovely, fun weekend away to celebrate before the big day itself!

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping to Bluewater with my mum, to get a couple of outfit options for one of the evenings on my hen-weekend, where I have been advised to dress up nice and glam for a night out. I immediately knew I wanted something special, not only for this weekend and for the memories an outfit would hold, but also dresses to keep for post-wedding celebrations and our honeymoon. 
I instantly thought of Coast as a first point of call to fit the brief above, as I have always admired their beautiful pieces and even got my bridesmaid's dresses from there a few months ago. 

The staff in the Bluewater store were extremely helpful and very lovely, in the sense they wanted to get to know their customers, to offer them the best advice and customer service that they could provide. I was asked by a couple of different member's of staff what the occasion was for and had some lovely congratulations from them and ended up taking over most of the fitting room area, with people seeing what I was choosing to wear and generally just creating a really fabulous and almost party like atmosphere! Sadly I find in high street stores, no matter what level of pricing on products you are looking at, you rarely get that type of service and atmosphere anymore, so it was very refreshing to see and experience for myself. 

My lovely parents very generously and kindly treated me to my outfit for my hen-do evening look, however myself and my mum could honestly not decide between two gorgeous dresses in there, so my mum insisted I got both! Again, very loving and generous of them and it just added to the wonderful feeling of the whole shopping experience. 

Below are the two absolutely stunning dresses I picked (with the help of the team there and mum of course)...

The grey dress with the cropped overlay top to it and blush and silver flowers, is called the 'Shola Metallic' dress. When on, I honestly feel like Carrie Bradshaw in it! It's nice and fitted at the top and nips in a t the waist and then flares out into more of an A-line style (with a slight prom look feel to it volume wise)! When you spin (hey, I'll be dancing on my hen right)?! -it lifts up a little and twirls so delicately and adorably. I love the contrast of the pale blush flowers and silver embroidery against the dusky grey background. It's very chic and elegant looking, but fun and flirty at the same time.

The second dress is also another real stunner and is called the 'Edie Print' dress. The fabric, print and cut of this dress really reminds me of something McQ by McQueen would design, which is a massive plus to me as I adore McQueen. This dress is very vibrant and bold but so chic and sophisticated at the same time. I love the feel of it-it's silky but has that scuba fabric texture to it a little as well. This dress is also fitted at the top and sleeves but then flairs out from the waist and is an A-Line style bottom which finishes above the knees.

Both dresses are by far the prettiest in my wardrobe and I am so grateful for both of them! The only problem is...which one do I take on my first hen do?! (I have a second one in a few weeks time, so could always wear one for that as well).

See you after a few cocktails guys...


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