About Me

I always like finding out more about the person behind the screen, behind the blog! Here are some random little facts about me...

*I am in my late twenties and still love all things My Little Pony and Hello Kitty! Unicorns are my thing too*

*I was born in Essex, UK but am proudly half-Iranian too*

*I HATE roast dinners! Yes I know, I know...*

*By day I am a full-time Visual Merchandising and Design Assistant Manager for a premium  beauty brand*

*I am obsessed with Kanye West. Obsessed*

*I have a thing for OTT phone cases and am currently struggling to find amazing ones for my iPhone 6 Plus!*

*I am a bride to be and getting married this year to the love of my life <3*

*In my free time I love to photograph anything really but architecture is secretly my favourite thing to snap. I also send quite a lot of time creating art and my own illustrations*

*I love Nutella and wish I could dive into a jar of it head first!*

*I love the amazing UK high-street for shopping but I do have a love for designer items too-especially handbags and adore my collection*

*I have always, always wanted a tattoo but am too fickle on what I want to go through with it!*

*I love all things cute and fluffy but I especially love dogs, bunnies and deers/stags*

*When I grow up I want to be Elsa from Frozen*

*I drive an adorable mint colour Fiat 500 Convertible called 'Chip'*


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