Monday, 14 September 2015

My Hen-Do Weekend!

About a month ago now, I was very lucky to have a fabulous, funny and very lovely hen-weekend away with the girls, in sunny Brighton!
All I knew about my hen-do were the dates, and the fact it was in Brighton. I had no idea where we were staying or what we were doing whilst we were there but I was more than excited to find out!

My lovely younger sister Laura pretty much planned and managed the whole thing, with some loving assistance and support from my other two fabulous bridesmaids, Laura and Milly. They did so well and worked hard to ensure myself and everyone going had a stress-free, fun and hilarious weekend away.

We arrived at the 'secret location' on the Friday evening, where I discovered we were staying in a penthouse, right on the sea front overlooking Brighton pier. It was fabulous and the perfect view to wake up to in the mornings.
The Friday evening we stayed in and ordered take-out and had a general gossip and catch-up. We then started playing games-such as pin the penis! (blindfolded and hilarious)!! Then a Mr and Mrs game, where I had to answer twenty questions about myself and Steve and for every question I got right, I got a prize from one of the girls. For every question I got wrong...I had to drink a delightful strawberry daiquri shot! It was really fun but also a thoughtful game, as the girls treated me to such lovely gifts and then at the end, presented me with one of the nicest, most thoughtful presents I've ever received...a memory book to remember my hen-do and wedding, and each friend (even some who sadly couldn't be there), had submitted a photo of myself with them to my sister, with a short story about how we met, about our friendship, funny moments and then wishing myself and Steve all the best for our future as husband and wife together. It honestly meant so much and is something I will treasure forever.

On the Saturday, we woke up to glorious sunshine and started the day with a lazy morning around the penthouse, with homemade cupcakes and a lovely breakfast the girls supplied, including crepes and Nutella with strawberries and croissants. I was then told to wear something comfortable, casual and what I didn't mind getting dirty in?! I had no idea what they had planned....they were all wearing similar clothing to me as well (think workout gear), so I started to suspect it was maybe something like a bridal boot camp where you have to crawl through mud and climb walls etc! I won't lie...a part of me was a little nervous at the thought of that as I knew I'd be rubbish at it and don't particularly like getting muddy...but I'd be up for it if they all were too! 
After brunch we went for a walk down the pier and stopped for some fun photo ops and looked around the amusements. Brighton is always busy and full of fun and life. I love the buzz there, you can't not have a great time!

We then headed to the 'second mystery location' wasn't far from the seafront and I couldn't see any signs of army boot camp guys or mud or nets...was I in the clear?!
We arrived at our destination where we were going to spend our afternoon and I was super excited to find out we were going to be taking a private dance lesson at 76 Brighton to Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' routine! It was honestly the best couple of hours and we all took it rather seriously! We had sashes on saying 'Bride', 'Maid of Honour', 'Bridesmaid' and 'Hen Party' on for each of us to wear and got down to learning the routine with our lovely choreographer. We'd stop in between to have sips of champagne and giggles over who could do what part of the routine, as well as who couldn't! By the end of the afternoon, we were pros and would have made Beyonce and her girls look rubbish! (well...maybe not quite but you know)! ;) It was a brilliant and very unique idea and is one I would definitely 

The Saturday evening we all got dressed up and ready back at the penthouse and into a cab for our meal at Bill's at 8pm sharp. I do love Bills and their laid-back but delicious approach to there food and restaurant environment. We were starting to order the cocktails in as well to get ready for a night of drinking and dancing ahead...after Bill's we walked a few minutes to an AMAZING club called 'Lola Lo'  . Seeing as I was the bride, they kindly let me in for free and the girls got in for £2 as apposed to £10! We got some discounted drinks to start the night as well, which really got us ready and well in the mood to let our hair down and have a good time. There were quite a few other hen and stag parties in there, which just added to the party, celebratory atmosphere of the place. I would definitely recommend when your next in Brighton for a night out, to go there and enjoy some of the yummy but sometimes bizarre cocktails and the DJ was playing some TUNNNNNNNES on that dance floor! Think KISSTORY but better! 

3am...we rolled in to bed-DONE!

(excuse the iPhone photos and filters, but didn't fancy my SLR on this weekend)!

Sunday we had to be up and ready and checked out the penthouse by 10am (ouch after the night we had) but were all done and ready on time. We then decided we 100% needed a full breakfast and made our way to The Breakfast Club. I have been to both The Breakfast Club's in Spitafields and Soho in London but never to the Brighton one. It was exactly what we needed! My poached eggs on toast with avocado was to die for and definitely made me feel a tad more human after maybe one to many cocktails the night before...

After brunch we headed out to The Lanes to look around the boutique style shops and paid a visit to the famous 'Choccywoccydoodah' store (check out their extraordinary and amazing cakes)! 
After some tea and biscuits, we headed back to sunny Essex about 3pm. We were all tired I'm sure but left knowing we had the best time and the girls really did give me the most fabulous send-off before becoming a wife. So girls if you are reading this...



  1. Sounds like you had a great hen do! We looked at dance lessons for mine, but decided on life drawing in the end! Hope you had an amazing wedding, I saw on Instagram that you got married at Gaynes Park... I'll be following in your footsteps there this Saturday! x

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