Thursday, 2 April 2015

Colouring for grown-ups!

Who loved colouring in as much as I did when I was younger? I use to be obsessed with staying within the lines and making sure the drawing afterwards looked as neat and as perfect as possible (I've always been too much of a perfectionist with certain things)!

For those of you that have followed me for a long time now, you will already know how much time I spend on art at home-painting, drawing, computer generated art...I love it! However, until very recently I had never even thought of getting out a colouring book again...until one of my dearest friends brought me one as part of my birthday present. She brought me the 'art therapy anti-stress' colouring book (so ironic for where I am in my life right now)!

The book is full of a huge variety of different illustrations to colour in-flowers, animals, skulls, Aztec patterns,'s a colouring book dream! I have started a few of them and just put the radio on and mellow out whilst concentrating on the shading and colours I am using. It honestly does take your mind off anything and really helps relax you and be within the present moment 100%.

Some of them actually look fab already before you even colour them in!

After you have completed one, you can either keep it within the book or remove it carefully and frame it somewhere in your home, which I think is a really nice idea.

What do you think of colouring in for adults? Would it help you switch off for a while and just relax in the moment? I dare you to give it a go and to not get hooked! ;)


  1. I literally just this week bought a colouring book to help with stress. Hoping it helps! And totally agree though that some of the pages look too pretty even before they've been coloured in!xx

    1. How you getting on with it? I'm really liking it! Xx

  2. Hey Claire, I thought I'd comment and let you know after reading your blog I've ordered myself this colouring book! I too have OCD anxiety and I am looking for methods for relaxation, so I'm going to give this a whirl although I need to allow myself some more 'me' time to do so lol! Your blog is fab, I'm new to all this I think I need make a profile :-)

    Jessica xx

  3. I'm considering buying one to. Used to loved coloring book as a kid.


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