Friday, 10 April 2015

MAC Cinderella Collection-the prettiest collection yet?

I know you have probably seen many a post on this launch from MAC from numerous bloggers and editorials, but I am so obsessed with it and I couldn't resist sharing my thoughts on it too!

When I first heard MAC were releasing a collection inspired by the latest movie release 'Cinderella' (which is wonderful by the way and a must see), I knew I would be very excited and intrigued to see how they not only presented the products, but what the colours and formals would be like on offer. 
Now here is where I let you in on a little secret...yes I am a blogger and I like most girls adore all things beauty and enjoy trying new products, however, until very recently I worked for a major cosmetics brand, where I was lucky and grateful enough to get free make-up, so I never felt the need to shop elsewhere! This MAC collection is the first collection of any other cosmetic brand I have shopped for nearly 4 years! SHOCKING!!! ;)

I logged on ASAP when I heard it had finally gone live on the UK website (thanks twitter)-and managed to quickly snap up the following;

I know there are plenty of swatches for these all over the internet (You Tube being one of the best places to see them), so rather than swatch, I thought I'd show you more close-up product shots and tell you what I like about each one. The only consistent thing I can say about each product is that I adore the soft, pastel blue packaging! It's so delightful and girly in a non-pink way when you get it out of your make-up bag.

Mystery Princess Beauty PowderThis powder includes a mirror inside the compact like most MAC powders, which I always appreciate and think is a necessity for on the go. The colour of the powder itself I would describe as a honey toned brown and it has very, very small speckles of an iridescent shimmer within it. This subtle finish is what helps give the powder the ability to create a small glow to the skin once applied, but nothing too glittery or shiny which I must prefer.

Free As A Butterfly Lustre Lipstick 

This lipstick is a lustre finish and the colour of it matches the beauty powder perfectly. The shade is a nude mixed with a honey tone and is very light when applied. It's perfect for a day look as it;s quite natural looking with a slight sheen, but this can be amplified for more of an evening look by applying a clear gloss over it.

Happily Ever After Lip-Gloss
This lip-gloss is SO pretty! It's a pink with a rose gold sheen to it and makes your lips look soft, glossy (of course) and like the Fairy Godmother herself has brushed your lips with her magic wand!

Pearl Varnish Studio Eye-Gloss
When browsing this collection online, this is the one product I was a bit torn over. A part of me was intrigued to try the glossy finish look on my eye-lids, which has been seen all over the catwalks recently...yet an other part of me a little nervous that it would make my eyes look like I'd been crying lots or like I had done something horribly wrong with my make-up! I decided to step out of my beauty comfort zone and order it anyways and I must admit, as of yet I haven't actually used it, HOWEVER when I swatched it and tried it on the back of my hand, I was surpassed to find it a very soft, pretty and rather elegant looking colour. It definitely reminds me of Cinderella's glass slipper (funny that) and overall, I am really excited to give it a go and create a look using it. The one thing I will say which makes me wonder how to best apply it, is it is rather sticky consistency wise so I doubt I could use a brush with it! I think this product and how best to apply it is going to be a case of practising in front of the mirror one rainy afternoon!

Did you manage to get anything from the collection? If so, was it everything you expected and more? Or were you let down by any of the products?

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