Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Visit to 'Savage Beauty'-Alexander McQueen Exhibition at the V&A

Let me start this post by just making it extremely clear how much I adore and respect the art of Lee McQueen and his team at the house of Alexander McQueen. 
His pieces defined the 21st Century and breathed a new sense of life into the world of fashion and design. I don't see Alexander McQueen as just a designer-I see him as a 'creator'. Someone who saw and had a completely different perspective on life and what it could, or couldn't offer you.

When I first heard about the Met Museum in New York holding the exhibition a few years ago, not long after his passing, I was gutted, GUTTED that it wasn't opening here in the UK in London. I respect New York is one of the biggest fashion hubs of the world, but so is London! Whats more, Lee was British, so personally I think it should have began here and then headed to New York and elsewhere around the world.
Anyways, the point is it's here now in London at the beautiful V&A. I brought tickets for myself, my mum and my sister last April and have waited almost a year to experience this extraordinary and magical event.

Yesterday the day finally came! Our slot was at 2pm, so first we enjoyed a spot of delicious and healthy lunch in the V&A cafe. The space is stunning and for a moment, you feel like you have been transported in time and are somewhere majestic like Rome. I almost forgot I was in the UK!

2pm rolled round fast and then....we were in! Words cannot describe how incredible, surreal, powerful and inspired the exhibition made me feel. I felt like I was in my dream closet of McQueen couture and one-off pieces (some that never made the catwalk, so were much more rare and unique to set your eyes on). I really don't think I could pick one favourite piece...they were all crafted by hand and so elegantly, yet they gave a sense of power and fear in some ways all at the same time. The music they played whilst you were walking round suited the mood and creations. It was dramatic, eerie, beautiful and touching all at the same time. 
Quotes from the iconic and legendary designer were featured around the whole space, describing his take on life and thoughts, his inspirations, his background and how he wanted to be remembered. That line did give me  the chills, I can't deny it. 
Walking around I felt so privileged and happy to be there but at the same time, very sad that this amazing person took his life and the fashion world in my eyes will never be the same again.

You are not meant to take pictures in there BUT so many people were, so I was super sneaky, switched my phone onto silent and managed to get a couple of snaps below...ssshh! 

Both of the pieces above and below, included hand-painted goose feathers! 

The dress below was entirely made out of leather and featured the prettiest leaf design on it.

I couldn't resist sharing some snaps of my lunch as well and the beautiful lights we dined under in the V&A cafe...

Photos can obviously never do the justice that your eyes can once you've seen it for yourselves in real life! That was one of the things myself, my mum and sister kept commenting on. You see his shows on TV and online and think 'WOW' but then when you are actually up close to them in real life, studying them and gazing dreamily at them, you think 'OHHHH WOOOOOOW'!

I hope you liked this post and please let me know if any of you are going to see the exhibition? I cannot recommend it enough!


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