Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hello February! Let's celebrate!

February is usually a good month for me and hopefully will be for you too!

Why is it such a good month for me you ask? Well, mainly because it's my Birthday Month! :) That's right, February 17th was the date I graced this world with my presence and as each year passes (29 this year-AHHHHH! I don't want to grow up)! I learn so much more...

I personally love Birthdays. I enjoy celebrating my own with loved ones and friends and also enjoy planning and celebrating others. I just think it's an excuse to have one whole day dedicated to 'you' and celebrating your life so far here on Earth. Please don't get me wrong, everyday you should try and celebrate your life and your achievements so far and work towards your dreams and goals, however this is the one day it's acceptable to wear an oversized, holographic badge, eat as many birthday treats as you like and blow candles out on a cake surrounded by balloons! 

This year Pancake Day shares my special day, so we are thinking of celebrating by having a savoury pancake feast for dinner with my family and then some sweet ones of course for dessert. How do you like yours? I know the lemon and sugar is very traditional and popular, however that really doesn't take my fancy. I much prefer ones with Nutella, fresh strawberries and a small sprinkle of sugar-(YUM)!

February also sees Valentines Day, which I must admit, myself and Steve have never ever gone OTT over, as we believe you should tell and show someone you love them EVERYDAY, not just February 14th! However, I won't lie, it is nice to receive an adorable card (this year we can get 'fiancĂ©' ones), maybe some pretty flowers and some Valentines Lush gifts.

However you plan to celebrate February and make the most of this month, I hope you have a wonderful, successful and happy one.


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