Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Penguin Love

For my latest illustration, I decided to focus on the theme of love (especially as it's not too long till Valentines Day)! 
Love doesn't have to just be between a couple in love. It can be between best friends, siblings, a love for a parent, grandparent....the list is endless and open to all.
Love cannot be defined by a word, it is most certainly a feeling which only you can feel and express in your own personal way.

In the animal world, penguins really stand out to me as being some of the most loving and protective species on the planet. When choosing a mate, a penguin must find a perfect pebble to offer to their desired mate. If accepted, the penguins become monogamous mates for life. Even if separated by ice barges or storms they will stay true to their first accepted mate searching forever for them until found... romantic or what?!


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