Thursday, 22 January 2015

#2 Happy Distraction-The 86 year old whose got it RIGHT!

Now this woman is H.A.P.P.Y!

This 86 year old lady is truly living the dream, by permanently living onboard a luxury cruise ship. She simply just sails the seas and allows the cruise liner to take her around the world, to explore all it's wonders (jealous yet)?! 

The lady in question goes by the name 'Mama Lee' and has been living on the Crystal Serenity for seven years. After her husband sadly passed away, she decided enough was enough and to go make the most of life and see the world for them both. She sold their home in Florida to get the funds together, packed all her belongings and took to life on the seas. 

She is no stranger to cruise liners, as her and her husband managed to rack up 89 cruises together while he was still alive! She's been on so many and now lives on this one, that sometimes she does not even leave the boat once it docks as her attitude is, 'nah, been there, done that'. Instead she remains on board the ship and has it all to herself and enjoys the peace and quiet that comes with that.

This rather adventurous lifestyle to say the least, does come with a price though, roughly around £164,000 a year! However when you think about the fact that Mama Lee isn't having to pay out for such things in life that most of us have too, such as mortgages, cars, bills, shopping, childcare etc (WOW-Imagine no more Sainsbury's visits and instead living with some of the world's best chefs at an all you can eat buffet)!, I guess that isn't too much of an outrageous price to pay. Besides, as Mama Lee perfectly sums up herself, 'today I am living a stress-free, fairy-tale.

Isn't that what we all aim to live for one day? A stress-free, interesting, peaceful, happier, laid-back life? 

It may not be on a world travelling cruise ship, but I most certainly aim and work towards that feeling!

Good on you Mama Lee!


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