Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Kate Spade pieces

Kate Spade has got to be one of my favourite designers. Not only are her designs and products beautiful, fun, quirky, humorous and stylish but compared to a lot of other fashion houses out there, they are much more affordable for your average working girl.

I thought I'd share with you some of my pieces I own from Kate Spade and maybe inspire you if you haven't already, to go to their website or one of their beautiful stores (literally a Visual Merchandiser's dream come true speaking from experience)!

I have always wanted a Kate Spade watch and managed to pick up this classic but weighty statement one on my trip to San Francisco last December. I love the simplicity of it, however the almost masculine chunkiness and adorable little pink spade logo on the face watch make it fun and a little different than most watches to wear. 

The two necklaces I purchased at the Kate Spade outlet boutique in Bicester Village are long, layering necklaces. Both are gold plated and one has little cream bows on, the other gold plated spades. Worn alone they look fab but I am such a layering girl with my jewellery, so always wear them together. The stud 'diamond looking' earrings are also a bargain which I purchased at Bicester Village. I wear them almost every day as they are a classic cut shape, but the size of them makes them a statement piece and they dazzle so beautifully! I love how all the Kate Spade jewellery comes in the most adorable packaging and dust bags which you can see in the first picture on this blog post. Detail wise with Kate Spade, nothing goes a miss!

Next up is my most recent purchase I brought a couple of weeks ago from the Apple store...FINALLY a pretty and decent quality iPhone 6 Plus case! Don't get me wrong, I love my eBay cases with Hello Kitty on and lots of tacky but fun bling, but I had been waiting for someone like Kate Spade to bring out a pretty cover to fit my phone and finally they have. It was £29 which I think for the quality and protection it gives my expensive phone is a real steal! It looks stylish and fun and I always love seeing a little peek of it in my handbag. To me it's all in the details in my daily life, so things like a stylish and chic phone case does make me quite happy-(rather sad I know)!

Do you own any Kate Spade pieces? What should be next on my wish list from them? Check out their website here and let me know what you are lusting after in the comment box below! Or remember, you can always tweet me @fashionteller17


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