Sunday, 5 July 2015

Bad blogger!

'Where on earth has she been'?! you may wonder...

Firstly let me just say-no where! No exciting, beautiful, relaxing holiday, no faraway land, nowhere that's had no wifi connection or no computer available...

The truth is, I have been at home a lot but extremely busy!! Not only are we less than 12 weeks away now from our wedding day (OMG)!!!!! BUT we are working on the house and decorating, sorting out the garden, seeing loved ones, meeting suppliers for the big day and I am super busy working hard on Mina & Mae's photo shoot for just over two weeks time for the website launch! 
Now I know some people may go 'excuses, excuses-you should still be able to find the time to blog' but honestly, it's been so manic but in a lovely and exciting way, I have kind of just been relishing that and indulging myself in maybe taking a little time out away from the computer, to enjoy and soak up every moment of planning our wedding and working hard on making my dreams with Mina & Mae come true!

The good news is-I am back in the blogosphere now! I have lots and lots of posts planned and ready to publish, ranging from wedding posts to home interior and decorating with us posts, to baking recipes and beauty product reviews.

Look out for another blog post tomorrow but for now, I am going to enjoy a nice, well-earned cup of tea with my Mina & Mae mini pom pom rug beneath my feet. 

I know you've missed me really... ;)


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