Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year! Happy Distractions!

Happy New Year everyone and Happy Distractions!

Welcome to my new blog and the first post of the year. 
Some of you may know me from my previous blog 'The Fashion Teller's Notes'. I started that blog mainly based around fashion and beauty over 5 years ago now! As much as I enjoyed my time with it and trying to develop it and grow as a blogger, in the past two years or so I'd say, my vision for blogging and my views on it changed quite dramatically.

I wanted to start over. I wanted something new, fresh, more me and not to put a 'label' on it as such (e.g-fashion/style blogger).  

Happy Distractions will be a place where I share elements of my life, from planning our wedding and getting married this year (eeekkk! 9 months today people)! to sharing with you elements of my journey to feeling happier and more at peace within myself, to home decor, my art work and of course, some fashion and beauty here and there!

I want this blog to be more personal, more of a documentation and inspiration hopefully to some of you and just a little place you can come here on the BIG world wide web, to have your 'happy distraction'.



  1. Good luck with the new blog, hun. Very exciting! x


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