Sunday, 4 January 2015

A first peek...

I have always loved art. Loved it.
I love how it relaxes my mind after a crazy day, I love how I am in full control of my own work and can express exactly what I am thinking and how I am feeling at that moment in time. I also love how sometimes it doesn't have to be 'feelings' art, but more about creating something beautiful for a space or a home either for myself or for others.
Creating it for others is exactly what I did for the first time ever this Christmas just gone for some friends. I decided as well as buying them some little presents, I would create something personal and pretty they could keep and display in their homes (hopefully)! Below are the three pieces I did and FYI-The frames are super pretty and are from good old IKEA.

Each piece I feel represents the person I gave it to and I could not only put it to their personality, but see it within their environment. They are fun, feminine, cute and I think very complimentary of the frames I found in IKEA. I used watercolour and some acrylic for all three pieces and then a shading pen for added highlights where needed.

I hope you like these prints and if you have any questions about them or anything else, please comment below-I'd love to hear from you!



  1. You are super talented - the giraffe one of course is my favourite ;) xxx

  2. Oh wow, Claire - you are so talented! I LOVE these imges. Especially the giraffe (please tell me it's a giraffe and I've not messed up here hehe!) You should so get some of these on to Etsy, people would love them! Gx

    1. Thanks Grace! :) I am glad you like them. Yes it is a giraffe-phew you can tell from my drawing! A few people have said that, which surprises me to be honest! xx


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