Thursday, 15 January 2015

Home Decor Shopping: Mad Dogs and English Men

One of my favourite things to do, talk about and indulge myself in is home decor and interior design. At college I studied Interior and Architectural Design and that's where I really began to emerge myself into this world of pure creativity and self-expression, which I have have grown to love and appreciate more and more as the years have gone by. Now that I am a homeowner as well, I find myself having even more of an interest in the latest designs, looks, materials, trends, colour's endless what you can be inspired by when it comes to the home.

I do enjoy reading interior blogs and magazines for inspiration and general relaxation, however I personally find it more exciting and inspiring to get out there and explore one-off boutiques, antique centres and art galleries, to get the creative juices flowing and discovering treasures for our home.

One of my recent finds was thanks to my wonderful mum, who had visited this boutique prior to me going and call me immediately to inform me to get down there and check it out!

It's not too far from where I live-it's in Leigh-On-Sea in Essex and it is called 'Mad Dogs And Englishmen'. 

I won't lie, the website could be so much better and doesn't really get across how beautiful and special this place is! If you can, I highly recommend you visit them and experience what I mean for yourself. Below are some snaps I took whilst I was there and at the same time, my mental shopping list was getting longer and longer...!

As I am sure you can see from my photographs, this place is a real hidden gem and stocks some beautiful and very unique items. We adore the rustic, french farmhouse look (not 'shabby chic cutesy'-that's not very us), but this more chic, relaxed yet somewhat still formal and elegant look really puts a smile on my face and inspires me to create a beautiful, relaxing, chic, exciting and welcoming home for not only myself and Steve but our loved ones too.

I not only love the merchandise available here but also the way it is displayed and set out within the store. My current job and background is in design and visual merchandising, so I always appreciate a space that portrays both of these elements successfully! Whilst shopping in there, I almost felt like I was invited into someone's home and discovering their style and personality as I turned each corner. From the outside the shop doesn't look too big but trust me, it goes WAY back and upstairs into an old loft can get lost in it's wonders!

After a good hour or so compiling a 'wish-list', I had worked up an appetite and lucky for me, they have an adorable and very quaint tea-room in the shop. Perfect!

Interior shopping AND afternoon tea all under one room?! My idea of heaven...


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  1. I absolutely love your page and the pieces you're showing would definitely look great in my flat. Some of them seem quite pricey, but thanks to my new erp software (dynamics ax) I might start making more money soon, hopefully :)


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